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When I was reporter and editor at Federal Computer Week, I loved digging for news.

Not the news of the moment—the contract awards, media releases, press conferences, congressional hearings and other obligatory news that everyone covered. No, I was always looking for those nuggets of news that often got lost in the grind of daily reporting—often buried in the statement of work in draft solicitations, in a seemingly innocuous Federal Register announcement or FedBizOpps notice. Or hidden in plain sight, such as a stray comment made during an industry day presentation.

Often, such a nugget wouldn’t seem important in and of itself. But probe a little deeper, and it would suggest an emerging trend. Or perhaps highlight a new way of thinking that could prove game-changing in the long run. It’s these nuggets that help build messaging that resonates, inform a successful go-to-market strategy and serve as the basis for an integrated marketing program that moves the needle.

After all these years—nearly 25 and counting in the federal IT market—I still love digging. So, I’m beginning Full & Open, a platform that allows me to share this information with you the business owner, the government executive, the marketing director, the account rep.  The posts will vary – some might not be more than a line or two. Others will take a few paragraphs to report, but none will take much time out of your day.

My goal, as always, is to keep an eye out for those developments, large and small, that are shaping and reshaping this market. I welcome your feedback. If you come across a nugget out there, drop me a note at john@connellyworks.com. Or if you have a different take on a nugget I share, let me know that too. Consider this a request for comment.

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