Trusted Business Partners Needed


So, what does it mean to be a "trusted business partner"? IT companies often say that is their goal, but its meaning, in practical terms, often feels vague. But now, government agencies need partners more than ever before.

Think about the administration's approach to IT modernization—an approach spelled out in the cybersecurity executive order (EO 13800), the Report on Federal IT Modernization, the MGT Act, and so on.

The administration has told agencies, "Here is where we want you to go." But they haven't told them how to get there in any great detail. Agencies need to figure that out on their own.

That’s where trusted business partners come in. Vendors that can help agencies figure things out, they will be trusted, indeed.

Look at the IT Modernization Report from an agency’s perspective. What questions are IT leaders likely to have about the assumptions or goals as currently defined? Where are the capability gaps that they need to fill?

For example, shared services are a linchpin of the administration’s modernization approach, but shared services have proven notoriously difficult to implement on a large scale. What capabilities are needed to make this a more viable option?

In some ways, this is an unprecedented opportunity for IT vendors. As long as I’ve been in the federal IT community, I have never seen federal agencies so focused on a common goal, speaking a common language. Learn to speak that language fluently, and you might find agencies are ready to listen.

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