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Cloud Market Headed for Shakeup?

The federal market for cloud services could undergo a significant transformation over the next couple of years, as a growing number of agencies make the transition from “Cloud First” to an enterprise approach to cloud.

The prime example, of course, is the Defense Department, which has shaken up the market with its $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Initiative. But it’s not alone.

In recent weeks, the State Department has issued requests for information for two programs aimed at shifting applications and services to a cloud environment spanning its global operations.

H4X: Let’s Talk Innovation


How do you talk about innovative ideas with government customers? 

Specifically, how do you ensure that an innovative idea actually addresses the needs of a government customer?

One approach is using Hacking for X (H4X), a problem-solving method that is gaining traction in the defense research and development community.

H4X and its related iterations – including Hacking for Defense (H4D) – are based on a Lean Startup methodology developed by Steve Blank, a veteran of Silicon Valley, and others at the consulting firm BMNT.  

Trusted Business Partners Needed


So, what does it mean to be a "trusted business partner"? IT companies often say that is their goal, but its meaning, in practical terms, often feels vague. But now, government agencies need partners more than ever before.

Think about the administration's approach to IT modernization—an approach spelled out in the cybersecurity executive order (EO 13800), the Report on Federal IT Modernization, the MGT Act, and so on.

Enterprise IT-as-a-Service: Five Big Questions


Air Force IT leaders are quietly putting together a strategy to take the as-a-Service approach to IT to its logical conclusion. But they have some questions that they need answered first.

Everything You Needed to Know about OTA but Was Afraid to Ask


Other Transaction Authority (OTA) has been getting a lot of buzz in recent months, as the Defense Department has looked to use it to accelerate access to cutting-edge technology. But its growing use also is raising a lot of questions.

OTA refers to an acquisition that is something “other” than a contract, grant or cooperative agreement—so it is not covered by all the same rules that govern traditional acquisitions. This makes it an ideal vehicle for trying out innovative ideas before doing full-scale procurements.

AI, Marketing and the Power of Story


A recent report from the Government Accountability Office on AI included a nugget that illustrates both the potential power of the technology and the importance of telling a good story.

The report, “Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Opportunities, Challenges, and Implications” (March 2018), synthesizes the insights shared by subject matter experts during a GAO forum.

Welcome to Full & Open


When I was reporter and editor at Federal Computer Week, I loved digging for news.

Not the news of the moment—the contract awards, media releases, press conferences, congressional hearings and other obligatory news that everyone covered. No, I was always looking for those nuggets of news that often got lost in the grind of daily reporting—often buried in the statement of work in draft solicitations, in a seemingly innocuous Federal Register announcement or FedBizOpps notice. Or hidden in plain sight, such as a stray comment made during an industry day presentation.

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